Automotive Locksmith Langley

Automotive Locksmith Langley

We provide auto locksmith in Langley for cars, vans, tractors, trucks, buses and etc.

The most popular problems, which we help to solve are:

  • The keys turned out to be locked inside the car
  • The key from the vehicle was lost
  • A copy of the car key is needed
  • The key was broken inside the vehicle
  • New ignition or door lock is required
  • It’s need to remove steering lock

Why clients choose our Locksmith Langley company?

  • At our disposal we have all necessary equipment to open your car with no damage.
  • We run diagnostics of the car.
  • We are available on emergency call 24 hours.
  • Our representative will come to your place no matter is it city or suburbs. On average, it will take from half an hour to an hour.
  • We give 1-year warranty on our service.

Car lockout

From our experience average time to lockout your car is 5 minutes, after which you have full access to your car and can continue the journey.  It brings absolutely no unnecessary harm to the vehicle.

Trunk lockout

Though trunk locks quite differ from one another, we have all tools to help with this problem. In the rarest case, it may require some drilling, but normally it’s possible to get away without any damage.

Locked keys in the car

We work both with old and modern cars and involve expert technicians, who are able to give you back to access to the car in time from 5 min to half an hour.

Which tools do we use in automotive?

  • “Wedges and probes method” helps in creating a bit of extra space between the door and the frame of the vehicle with wedges and then manipulating the door lock with a thin probe. The method gives an advantage to open a car without scratching the paint.
  • Specialized closed doorway tools are put between car window and weather strip and then are resurfaces on the inside of the vehicle, so as to influence the door lock button.
  • Tryout keys are used for old cars with wafer locks. No special tricks: keys are just interchanged one after another. Ones it gets in the lock, the key is simply jiggled around.
  • “Auto lock picks method” represents relatively a more time keeping process, used mostly for slider doors and requires involvement of a skillful technician to make the process safe.


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