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Locksmith Langley Commercial service

The safety and comfort of our working space is essential for productive job. Locksmith Langley is able to provide you with both. We offer our clients all kinds of locksmith commercial services including consultations on the most reliable safety systems, their installation and service.

The advantages of working with us

  • High quality of jobs done;
  • Quick reaction to your call: the locksmith will get to your office in 15 minutes;
  • Affordable prices starting from 95$;
  • Professional installation and administering of security systems and door hardware;

Office lockout

In case you cannot get into your office because of the lost key or spoiled lock, call Locksmith Langley! We can open any lock including access control locks, biometric fingerprint locks and all kinds of key locks (e.g. deadbolts, Scandinavian, sash locks). Be sure to get professional help in any office lockout situation!

Master keys

We all know that a bunch of keys is not the most comfortable thing. But what can you do if you run the office building with lots of doors and locks? Locksmith Langley knows the way out! We can install the master lock system, which will give you the possibility to have only one key for all locks in the building. We offer all types of master key systems: from the most simple to several level master keys.

Door closers

All types of door closers like traditional, modern, and concealed in door, frame or floor are available for Locksmith Langley clients. This hardware can also be manual or automatic.

Panic bars

To match the standards of fire safety, Locksmith Langley can install panic bars. They will increase the security of staff evacuation in case of emergency. Besides, they can be fitted with alarms to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

Electric strikes

Our company offers installation of three types of electric strikes: fail-secure, fail safe and reversible. The choice depends on the door it will be installed on. The first one for safety measures, the second for emergency exits and the third type is multipurpose.

Keypad locks

The best choice for office buildings is a keypad lock. It has lots of advantages compared to traditional locks. Locksmith Langley installs keyless keypad locks, magnetic stripe keypad locks, electronic keypad deadbolts and any other type of keypad locks.

Mortise locks

Practice shows that mortise locks are among the most reliable. Locksmith Langley offers its customers the widest choice of mortise locks with different levels of safety to protect your office from intrusion.

Duty locks

Locksmith Langley offers three types of duty locks depending on the purpose of their usage: light, heavy or special duty locks.

Latch guards

Latch guards are among the most effective door hardware, which can save your office from burglars. Due to them, you can increase the safety without spending much money.

Our price policy

The prices for our services depend on the reason of your call and the difficulty of the work needed to be done (lock repairing or installation, key replacement, installation of protective hardware and so on). The cost of the job starts from 95$. You can find out the exact sum by calling us.

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